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Are you looking to advance into a C-Suite position?Taking the next step requires goal setting, strategic planning, and direction. We work one-on- one with senior executives seeking advancement or retirement to discuss where they want to go, how they plan to get there, and what requirements they need to reach their destination.

Retirement Counseling

The Hadelman Group makes retirement transitioning easier by creating an exit strategy that keeps your finances, livelihood, and future endeavors secure and leaves your organization in reliable hands. Through candid counseling, senior executives are coached one-on- one as they plan and prepare for their own retirement.

Talent Assessment

Together, we’ll assess current staff and where they should be within an organization in order to produce greater rewards and better utilize resources. Evaluating the efficiency, success, and production of executives will highlight where there’s need for improvement, new hires, or transition into different roles.

Succession Planning

Continuing effective leadership when someone retires or moves outside an organization is pivotal in strengthening future growth and profit. Together, we’ll figure out which players from the bullpen possess the significant thought and planning skills required to take on such additional responsibilities and stimulate achievement. A newly instated leadership team should encourage a shared leadership vision and an inclusive culture.

HR Consulting

We create a partnership with clients to create a customized HR strategy that focuses on specific organizational and management strengths and the areas that are in need of greater development. By targeting issues that are hindering advancement and building synergy within an organizational team, we can drive opportunity.

Hiring Transitions

Managing HR systems is critical in developing and maintaining a successful business. People constantly come and go or shift within an organization, and the Hadelman Group encourages practical and effective dialogue around people, positioning, and added value. Our personalized approach, straightforward style, and candid insights highlight management strengths and areas in need of a greater fit.