The Hadelman Group



The Building Blocks to
Goal-Setting Initiatives

The Hadelman Group is a human resources strategy organization that utilizes transparent discussion and goal-setting initiatives to secure the right people within an organization and help them reach their greatest potential. In order for a business to succeed, it needs the ideal balance between people, practice, progress, and power. When these four factors are not in sync, advancement within an organization becomes stagnant, and it’s time to re-evaluate business strategies, HR processes, time-management allocation, and future endeavors. Jordan's personalized approach, straightforward style, and candid insights help sharpen the focus on specific organizational and management strengths and the areas that are in need of greater development. His recommendations foster a shared leadership vision, greater understanding of strategic goals, and an inclusive culture.

With a niche in the healthcare industry, The Hadelman Group provides expertise, working with CEO’s, board members and Sr. HR executives, in order to take their business enterprises to the next level. Jordan also counsels senior executives one- on-one as they seek advancement and/or new challenges, navigate leadership transitions or plan and prepare for their own retirement. Through empathetic and practical one-on- one counsel, one can expect personalized attention and customized solutions. By building trust and offering unvarnished insight, within an intimate setting, we’re unique in our approach to adding value to our clients and creating long-term relationships.